The Return of Yeast

So OK, I’ve been trying the pizza crust without yeast for a while, and it’s been good. But ya know, it just hasn’t been great. Especially with the grated potato, it’s been dense and hard, more so than a regular tart crust. On a whim however, I decided to reintroduce yeast into the recipe. I figured, between the oil, the corn meal and the boiled riced potato there was enough edible debris in there to foil almost all the gluten strands that would attempt to form and make the crust bready. And you know, I was right. A packet of instant yeast, left to leaven the dough for two hours, gives just enough pop to create a slightly airy, if satisfyingly dense crust. It’s a near spot-on match to Gino’s East. And with that I am, officially and finally, declaring victory. Took long enough, didn’t it?

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