Meet Me at the Fair

Oh there’s nothing like an evening at the State Fair. Back when I lived in Chicago, I had to travel 300 or so miles to get to it. Now that I live in Louisville, it’s just a fifteen minute drive away. The place has it all, world class horse shows, carnival rides, cock crowing competitions, plus all the livestock and prize winning agricultural products I could ever hope to review in a single evening. One of the featured attractions each year is the Ugly Lamp Competition judged by my good friend, the local Queen of Kitsch, Lynn Winter of Lynn’s Paradise Café. You did see her battling Bobby Flay on his new show Throwdown with Bobby Flay two weeks ago, didn’t you? No? Well, set your Tivo, it’s sure to be on again.

What is it with the Food Network these days, anyway? Instead of adding new shows to their program lineup they just keep giving their same stable of celebrities more and more shows. I think Bobby Flay has something like 18 of them. The same goes for Rachel Ray, Mario Batali and now Alton Brown. Emeril doesn’t need more shows since he pretty much IS the Food Network, at least during the prime time hours.

So wait now, where was I? Oh yes, the State Fair. You know a jackass is truly an impressive animal. The big ones are well over six feet, hugely muscled, with gorgeous coloring and big regal noses. I’m going to think twice before I call anyone a jackass from here on out. Based on what I’ve seen, it’s practically a compliment. I’d never really thought about it before. It’s sort of like when someone calls you a baby. You kind of shrug that off until you actually live with one. Then you get to see how slovenly, ill-behaved and totally self-centered they are. Next time someone calls me that they’ll get a poke in he nose in return, you mark my words.

Wait, I’m lost again. What was I talking about? Oh right, the fair. There’s nothing like an evening eating greasy fair food and watching the carnival rides go ’round. I think a funnel cake can only be truly appreciated if there’s a little diesel smoke in the mix. Likewise with a corn dog. I love corn dogs more than just about any other food, but I won’t touch one outside a state or county fair. Something about eating one in front of the television…it just wouldn’t seem right. Little Josephine had her first one today while watching the pig races. It was quite a moment. Yep, I think we’re going to like it here.

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