Important Recipe Note

I’m very excited to be able to put up the corn bread recipe below, as it’s a near exact copy of my all-time favorite corn bread by my baking hero, Peter Reinhart. In fact this recipe is by the man himself, likely a prototype that appeared in either Gourmet or Bon Appetit magazine just before the book in which it appears, The Baker’s Apprentice, was published. I searched high and low hoping to find it somewhere on the web. I am most gratified to have uncovered it.

The only trouble is, there’s a fairly serious typo in it. As written, the recipe calls for “1 cups” all purpose flour. It should read “1 1/2 cups”. That, I believe, explains some of the negative comments the recipe has received in the reviews section, since a 1/2 cup less flour would certainly give you an over-moist bread with less flavor than normal. Hard to believe that such a critical, grievous error could happen on a web site in this day and age. But then it is Spring break time, and the college interns over there at Epicurious are probably getting antsy.

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