Hall Pass

Yes, alright, I’ll give you permission to go and read Peter Reinhart’s blog if you want to. He’s a better baker than me, I’ll admit it. He’s got lots of awards, five cookbooks to his name, and a teaching post at Johnson & Wales University. I can certainly see why you’d be attracted to him. But let me ask you something. At the end of the day, who is it that really loves you? Mr. Fancy Pants baking superstar? Or me Joe, the baker who’s stood by you through thick and thin? The man who’s slaved over a hot oven, giving the best years of his life to make a blog where you’re loved and respected for who you really are? Think about that while you’re out galavanting about, footloose and fancy free, on some other baker’s web site. And if you really must go off to some other blog to satisfy your animal urges, at least show me the respect of being cheerful and cooperative when you finally do come back home.

Now get out of my sight.

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