Hold the phone…

I know we’re on candy bars, but I managed to score a quart of sour cherries while I was up in Wisconsin on business, and well, I don’t know about your world, but mine comes to a full screeching stop for fresh sour cherry pie. It is truly one of the glories of the pastry-making world, and one I had to give up when I moved south. I couldn’t find fresh sour cherries in Louisville if someone put a gun to hy head and demanded them. Fortunately that almost never happens.

But even in Illinois and Wisconsin they’re fairly scarce outside of farmers’ markets. Fresh pie just isn’t something people bake much anymore. Though after the Corona Baking Renaissance…who knows? Homemade pie, including homemade sour cherry, the King of Fruit Pies, may come back into vogue.

Hey, a guy can dream.