Making Napoleons (Mille-Feuille)

Napoleons seem tough, but it’s only the topping that can be tricky. If the marbled sugar is what’s stopping you from attempting these, console yourself that a simple dusting of powdered sugar is more than acceptable. In fact it’s it the standard in many quarters. The zebra-striped crown is something we Americans have come to expect on top of our mille feuilles. The truth is that homemade Napoleons are terrific either way.


Napoleon Recipe

Napoleons are one of those pastries that are entirely made from components you probably already know: puff pastry, pastry cream and poured fondant. That being the case, there’s no “recipe” this week per se, just a list of things you’ll want to have on-hand (all can be made well in advance):

About 20 ounces puff pastry (store-bought is OK)
Half recipe pastry cream
One and a half recipes poured fondant
About a tablespoon cocoa powder