What is “hemendex”?

Reader Sue says her Czech mother-in-law-to-be uses the word all the time in the kitchen and she wonders what sort of dish it is. Sue, I only know this because I dated a Czech girl in high school and her mother used that word. “Ham and eggs” is what she’s talking about, and good stuff it is too. In the Czech version it’s usually all fried up in the same pan with herbs on top. Now you know!

6 thoughts on “What is “hemendex”?”

  1. Reminds me of a book I gave the kids when they were little, “C D B?” (see dee bee?).
    C D X? (see dee eggs?)
    M R N X (them are hens eggs)

    I loved that book

    1. I don’t remember that one, but young Jo would love that. She finds wordplay hysterical. I’ll look around!


      – Joe

      1. Thinking about CDB brings back memories of scouring children’s section of the library in my neighborhood for treasures like Tintin & Asterix & Paddington & Ant & Bee.
        CDB fascinated me. “O U B-u-t U-r A Q-t.”

  2. Actually, the word goes “hemenex” in most czech families. And it can be found in index section of old Czech cookbooks as hemenex: A dish made of pan roasted ham slices and eggs sunny side up (from English “Ham and eggs”)

  3. hey. just a small correction – the proper word, or as I have heard it and read my whole life, is hemenex
    in original pronunciation, i believe, the D is almost silent, whereas written in czech like this it is hard and sound D, almost forcing emphasis on the D and the last syllable

    have a great day

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