Watching Those Wishes

I’ve been working for some time to get more local projects so I don’t have to travel up to Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee as much as I’ve been doing the last few years. More time for parenting and blogging, donchaknow. As things turned out, I did succeed in getting work outside of the Upper Midwest: in Los Angeles, Orlando and Puerto Rico. Not what I was expecting, though far be it from me to turn work down, I don’t care where it comes from. Getting these new accounts up and running has been a whole lot of work, hence the semi-extended silence. More from me soon thou I promise. The weather is improving also, which will no doubt inspire me to start snapping some pictures. April showers have been here with a vengeance!

4 thoughts on “Watching Those Wishes”

  1. People where I work have a saying “Be careful of what you ask for…you might just get it.” Congratulations on the new projects.

    1. So true. I wished for work outside of the Chicago area and I got it!

      It’s what you call a high class problem. I’m grateful if very busy!

      Thanks for the comment, Jim!

      – Joe

  2. Can you say more about your LA project? (asked the girl from LA due to take off for the other side of the world any month now)

    1. Hey Rainey!

      Probably can’t say much…just a very cool furniture company in need of some marketing. I trust we can please them!

      I love traveling to LA, though. Love it!

      – Jim

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