On Chocolate Macarons

Reader and macaron lover Susan writes:

Hi, Joe. I am obsessed with making macarons. I have tried hundreds of recipes and yours is the only recipe that consistently produces perfect macarons. I’m attempting to make chocolate macarons. When I add in cocoa powder, do I then reduce the amount of powdered sugar that your macaron recipe calls for so the ratio of almond flour and powdered sugar remain 3.8:7.0?

I’m very pleased that the recipe is working so well for you, Susan. That’s an excellent question about the cocoa powder…a little too good, actually. The main problem you’re going to have with cocoa powder is the fact that it’s so absorbent. It’s going to soak up a good deal of water from the egg whites. Currently the recipe calls for about three whites. I’d bump that up to four whites, then add about another .75 ounce of granulated sugar to give the egg foam a little extra staying power. That should counterbalance an ounce of cocoa powder.

Anyway that’s where I’d start with a chocolate re-tool of the recipe. Let me know how they go. If they aren’t working get back to me and we can keep tweaking the recipe.

4 thoughts on “On Chocolate Macarons”

  1. I want to try making macarons so bad, but the humidity here in Houston, TX is so high, I’m worried they won’t turn out right. We even have a dehumidifier in our house to balance out the percentage of moisture in our 2-story house. We did have some tasty macarons at a local restaurant last weekend. The texture and flavor were perfect, but the filling were way too sweet, I nearly didn’t finish them. If you think I could still make a decent macaron here in SW Texas, let me know.

    1. Hey Kimberly!

      I think you should try it. My formula isn’t as fussy as others. I think you stand a good chance of turning out some good ones. Let me know how they go!

      – Joe

  2. Under humid conditions, may I suggest using the Italian meringue method instead? The greater stability is why some pastry chefs prefer it to the French meringue.

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