Next Up: Bialys

Reader Carmy requested these a couple of weeks ago – how can I resist? I made these in a bakery I once worked in and I haven’t eaten a good one since (the owners had a great formula). I’ll be interested to see if I can reproduce that same yeasty, oniony flavor. Let’s go!

10 thoughts on “Next Up: Bialys”

  1. It is going to be interesting to see how you deal with the size of the bialys. While back saw a program on Create TV that was shot in Poland. The bialys they were making were very small in diameter. While actual size was not mentioned it appeared that they were 3 inches or smaller in diameter. The narrative implied that this was the norm for the area’s bialys. What are you thoughts?

    1. Hi Stewart!

      I’ve seen them a lot of different sizes. Chicago, where I learned to bake, has a huge Polish population (more than any Polish city in fact, save for Warsaw). So you do see them quite small some places. The ones I made were more bagel-sized. I like the smaller idea personally since there’s more crust and onion per bite. But we’ll see how it goes!


      – joe

  2. Bialys? Please, please, pretty please? Detroit Bagel Factory makes great ones, but they’re 10 hours away!

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