Let’s Press On to Murcia

Murcian meat pies were the whole reason I got interested in this dough to begin with, and I still have some left. So why not do this thing? We’re going to get another big snow here in Louisville today, so some dinner pies will go well with the weather. Hit it!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Press On to Murcia”

  1. Glad you mentioned leftovers as I wondered if this dough freezes well if you don’t want to make the whole batch. Also, can you re-roll the scraps? I’m the sort that uses a spatula to get every last bit of dough/batter even if I only get one half muffin out of it.

    1. Hey Linda!

      Yes you can refrigerate it and/or freeze it, no problem. Just make sure you wrap it tightly, then bring it completely back to room temperature before you shape it.


      – Joe

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