And you thought MY web page was pointless.

Just goes to show there’s always somebody out there who’ll make you feel good about the way you spend your free time.

4 thoughts on “And you thought MY web page was pointless.”

  1. I’m sure I never did. I wouldn’t compulsively refresh a useless page.

    So, if you are ever having one of those dreadful existentialist days when you wonder why you bother, please remember that you personally are responsible for bringing my family knishes, homemade English muffins and whoopie pies, and then try to imagine how much rebounding happiness these simple pleasures have brought to us, and to the people we like to share food with.

    You put that much good into the world, the world is bound to send some back your way.

    Far as I’m concerned, sharing the love of anything done really well is so far from being pointless as to approach the whole point of doing this thing called life.

    1. Hey Sialia!

      I was mostly kidding but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate such a warm and generous comment! I’m delighted that the site has brought some new staple recipes to you family. Thank you and here’s to baking in 2015!


      – Joe

  2. Uh. Seeing as I am 100% certain that is a man doing that… (I can’t imagine any female being that stupid), there’s definitely something he missed.

    Probably NSFW though.

    Or perhaps it’s just me that thought that?


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