Well, dang.

Clients call, so I must get on a plane tomorrow. I’ll be back Friday assuming all goes according to plan!

4 thoughts on “Well, dang.”

    1. Not a bad idea at all, Evan! Can we work in something about baskets of stale muffins and five dollar glasses or orange juice? Here’s to business travel! Woohoo! 😉

  1. The only way to travel is with a boss or colleague who gets entry to the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge – a la carte dining, fine booze (for those who drink, I don’t), soup, salads, pastries, fresh sour dough with balsamic and olive oil, fruit platters, proper coffee made by a barista, home made scones with jam and cream, pancakes for breakfast, calamari, club sandwiches, etc. It makes travel bearable, but only just.

    1. I’ve been in those clubs enough times to know that you’re absolutely correct, youngster. It’s the only way to go, provided you have the miles. Which I don’t. Yet! 😉

      – Joe

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