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I’m not really a cat kind of person. Also I’m not really a dog kind of person. I’m more of a I want my house kept free of hair, odors, dander, messes and while you’re at it keep your grubby paws off my nice clean couch kind of person. All that said one can only hold out against one’s own family for so long. If my younger daughter really really wants a dog, so much so that my older daughter really really wants a dog and such that finally my wife really really wants a dog, then I too want a dog. That’s the order of things.

We could have done a lot worse. This is Moxie, she’s a 1-year-old teacup great dane.

That or a 50-50 combination of pug and chihuahua, but I’m going with the great dane thing because she only tries to take on dogs that are four times her size, minimum. Hence the name. The other name in the running was “Ironic Taco” which 7-year-old Joan came up with, don’t ask me to explain how or why. Anyway, welcome Moxie to the Pastry family home, long may ye beg for table scraps and bark willy-nilly at invisible whatever-they-are’s.

Some of you who’ve visited here before may be wondering whatever happened to our previous dog, Boomer. Well it’s the craziest thing. He turned out to be an alligator!

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  1. Hi Joe,
    Congrats on getting the dog. She’s cute. I love dogs!!!! and i like her spunk (as indicated by you :)). Great name too. Welcome Moxie.


    1. 10-year-old Jo pastry would love that. She’s a cat person. Joan is all about the dogs. These days she’s in heaven!


      – Joe

  2. With an attitude like that, I can believe the Chihuahua heritage. I’ve grown to appreciate the breed since moving to El Paso a few years ago. The majority that roam my neighborhood seem to believe they are the same size as Boomer. While I admire their spirit, I feel sorry for our mail carrier.

  3. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a teacup great dane before ;), but she sure looks like a great dane. She looks lovely — I’m definitely a dog person, so I’m delighted to see that you have a new Pastry in the family. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sandy! She is a good dog….mostly. Still some training yet to do. A lot really, but that’s pet ownership for you. I’ll get used to it!

      – Joe

  4. Joe, me too: “I’m not really a cat kind of person. Also I’m not really a dog kind of person. I’m more of a I want my house free of hair, odors, dander, messes and while you’re at it keep your grubby paws off my nice clean couch kind of person.” Is it wrong to be this way? 🙂

    1. Nope, absolutely, totally normal, Cynthia. Why is the rest of the world so nuts?

      – Joe

  5. Moxie is the bee’s knees, but I would’ve thought your doggie would be named Jo-jo?

    1. Good point, but you know kids, they have a hard time following through on their old man’s concept.


      – Joe

  6. Cute!
    Little dogs tend to try to make up for their size.
    Also, as much as I love my 4 cats, the kitchen is off limits to them for precisely those reasons you named. Also, there is no way I would be able to keep them from counter surfing.
    Doors are useful.

    Real shame about Boomer though.

    1. Yes we were sorry to see him go. Though the he truth is he was hell on the furniture.

      We’re all trying to look ahead. Thanks for your sympathies,

      – Joe

  7. Hi, Joe!
    She’s a Pastry cutie!
    And if she is actually teacup dimensions, all the begging will get you is scraped knees/shins; she will only get what you give her. My GSD and GSD/Husky mix are big enough that the dining table is (hallelujah, they must be thinking) exactly at snout level. The goodies that ‘accidentally’ fall off the tables! Years ago, when we first got the GSD/Husky, I left out butter on the counter to soften. When I came back later, no butter. I thought maybe I just “intended” to put it out but forgot, so put more butter on the counter. I later found him sitting on a butter wrapper and smacking his snout. We even went through a phase where I had to post a guest to table duty to safeguard dinner. On the plus side, however, I don’t need to get a broom & dustpan for every little spill on the kitchen floor!
    Post more pictures of her, especially the kitchen shenanigans.

    1. I’m already noticing the cleanup potential of a pet like this. We’ll see what sort of trouble she gets into. Right now I can say for certain that we need a more secure trash can.

      Thanks for a very amusing comment! 😉

      – Joe

      1. We had to resort to an electronic garbage can. It has a lid which locks down so the can doesn’t spill its contents if it falls over (or is pushed over by a wayward snout or tail, yes that has happened). We open the lid by pressing a button or waving a hand over the sensor (but we discovered early on the wisdom of removing the batteries because the sensor cannot discern the difference between a heavily breathing snout and a human hand). You might keep an eye out for one of those.

        1. Who knew there were such high tech trash cans in the world?

          Thanks, Charm!

          – Joe

  8. We must be living parallel lives (except that I I pale in comparison to you in terms of baking skills and amount of baking time). We recently added a Pug-Beagle puppy (Puggle, I’m told it is called… but that is almost too “Harry Potter” for me to say aloud so I opt for “mutt”) to our clan, despite my repeated plea for a hair, odor, and dander-free home. But in the end I gained a new buddy… always there waiting for a little bit of fun and love. It can’t get any better than that.

    Congrats to the Pastry family on your new addition. Moxie is a very nice looking puppy!

    1. Thanks, Brian! And congratulations on your semi-mess, semi-dander-free pooch! They are, in the end, excellent inventions.


      – Joe

  9. Trying to wrap my mind around the idea of a “teacup great Dane,” but whatever she is, she’s very sweet-looking. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy her. In January I adopted a Shih-Tzu mix (a rescue dog), and boy do they work their way into your heart. You will love her. So, can we expect a recipe for dog biscuits any time soon? I’ve tried a couple so far, both ad-lib recipes. My dog loved one of them, turned her nose up at the other.

    1. I actually do have dog biscuits on the site, Chana! Down at the bottom of the menus on the he left under “Totally Not Pastry”.

      Let me know!

      – Joe

  10. Think you should take her up to Moxie Mountain up in ME, perhaps for the Moxie festival in July.
    We have a wire fox terrier who also craves butter (clearly on the counter because I don’t want it anymore). He greets every day, every moment with such joy that it is infectious. Couldn’t live w/o him.

    1. Nice, Catherine! Great idea, we need a vacation destination for this summer. Moxie Mountain? Cool!

      – Joe

  11. Just don’t let her join up in any gangs: trouble, as seen here – http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2002712181_webankles30.html . Cute pupster, though we tend to end up with cats. My last cat responded to commands of stay, sit, lie down, and roll over. (Of course, she hated the person who trained her – he was mean – and when he walked past her she’d look at him, look at me, and hiss in a low whisper. I agreed.)

    1. Ha! I’ve met some exceptional cats, Naomi. Sounds that cat was one such.

      Thanks for the comment!

      – Joe

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