That Torte

It’s made, it’s just waiting for a bit of decent weather. Esterházy torte has turned out to be a fairly challenging project from a visual production standpoint. Getting that top right while simultaneously photographing it was all but impossible. So I’m going to do a separate shoot just for the top on the same day I do my “hero shot” of the finished torte. The problem is that I take my pictures outdoors and the weather has looked like this all week:

Good thing these tortes keep well. I’m told we may get a bit of sun over the weekend. Until then it’s going to have to stay parked in the fridge.


5 thoughts on “That Torte”

  1. I sure wish that was parked in my fridge. Looks yummy! Your weather… not so much.

    1. Ha! Thanks, Brian! All I need is some slightly brighter gloom and I can finish the photography, but we haven’t even had that lately. It’s been a recurring problem this’s been a very wet season. Ah well…it’s bound to break soon. Keep your fingers crossed!


      – Joe

  2. According to AccuWeather we’re supposed to have a little sun on Sunday – good luck grabbing sunbeams for your photos. I’m going to spend time in the sun on the bus ride to and from Kroger for Kringle ingredients. ^^

    1. Woohoo!

      It’ll feel like Christmas! And send me pictures of the kringle!

      – Joe

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