Pears in a Cage (Tarte aux Poires en Cage)

I’m not normally this seasonal, but I’ve been wanting to try these little individual tarts for a while and the pears at the local Kroger look darn good. You’ll need a lattice cutter for this, the good news is that they’re cheap!

4 thoughts on “Pears in a Cage (Tarte aux Poires en Cage)”

  1. Are these similar to the mini pear pies from Great British Bake Off? They were on a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Hey Shilpa! I googled a few pictures and all I can say is…sort of. They’re individual pear tarts covered with a latticework “cage” of puff pastry.

      – Joe

        1. I saw those wrapped sort of baked pears. Very pretty indeed!

          These will be more traditional: pear halves laid flat with a lattice over the top. Thanks for the good idea though!


          – Joe

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