Paint and Its Consequences

Stately Pastry manor is getting a new coat of paint this week, but that wasn’t how it was supposed to be. The painters were going to start working in mid-September. Which is why the gutter guys were going to be here the week of the 1st and the carpenter was going to come this Friday. To get the various exterior fixes out of the way before paint went on, you know. As it happened the gutter guy, the carpenter AND the painters all showed up together on Monday. How the heck does that happen without any phone calls?

And then there’s all the stuff I need to get done, like repair the concrete steps out front. It’s a lot like frosting a cake actually. Also, remove the security grates from the basement windows, take down a railing, haul away a bunch of old drainage pipe, nail on some rotted drip trim, caulk some of the old clapboard. Everything I was planning to do over the next month of weekends needs to happen…now. More posting when the cement dries!

9 thoughts on “Paint and Its Consequences”

  1. Can I have the contact numbers for your carpenter, painters and gutter guy? All the ones I’ve been trying to get to my place seem to be holidaying in Hawaii on the deposit.

    Good luck with the renovations Joe, I’m only half way through getting this 4 bedroom/2bathroom/spa room/2 lounge house even livable

    Although the Dog doesn’t mind what state the house is in, so long as I’m in it with him 🙂

    1. Indeed Warren, it occurred to me that I was being mighty ungrateful for complaining that the workmen actually showed up. It’s what you might call a high class problem, eh?

      Good luck on your ongoing project!

      – Joe

  2. Life marches on in spite of our best intentions, but all else takes a back seat as I have a bushel of Gravenstein apples and a hankerin’ for your pie crust recipe. Luckily I am only working three days a week this summer!

  3. As you stroll the grounds of Pastry Manor, like the opening of Downton Abbey, with Moxie at your heels, it will all be worth it.

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