Paint and Its Consequences II

I liked the job on the house so much that I asked the crew to do the kitchen. They showed up yesterday, again a week ahead of schedule. Who are these people? But I can’t cook or bake at the moment. The kids can’t believe their luck that they get carryout two night in a row in the middle of the week. At least someone’s happy! More soon. – Joe

12 thoughts on “Paint and Its Consequences II”

    1. Ain’t it the truth? These boys (and girls, since it’s a co-ed crew) really must want to get paid!


      – Joe

  1. Oops! It may be too late but I’ve heard that putting a couple drops of vanilla in the wet paint can eliminate the painty smell. No word on whether it was essential that it be Bourbon, Tahitian, Mexican or vanillin. ; >

    1. Ha! It’s too late for this project, Rainey, but I’m going to try that next time I paint a room!


      – Joe

  2. C’mon Joe, get those kids movin’, this is like watching paint dry… (just kiddin’ of course).

    1. It really is though, that’s the drag of it!

      Should be finished today, Jim!

      – Joe

  3. Will they be willing to travel across oceans for a job? Will pay a ton for punctuality 😀

  4. Ha. I can seriously relate to that “not-being-able-to-bake” situation. We’ve not had a kitchen for two months now thanks to work on the house. Probably won’t have one for another six weeks either. Take away (aka carry out, aka take out) food really loses its lustre, esp when you live in an English small town.

    1. Hey Daniel!

      I know almost exactly what you mean. My residence hall in Exeter was under repair for near all of my spring term. The dining hall and the showers (!) were out of commission almost the whole time. The workmen always said the same thing whenever I asked them how much longer it was going to take: Ah, sorry gov, another six to eight weeks I’m afraid. I still say that to Mrs. Pastry whenever she asks how long this or that household project will take. Sorry gov, another six to eight weeks. The frozen pasties from the university pub got quite old after a while. But they were all I could afford: 70p. I needed the rest for pints.

      Thanks for the memories, Daniel!

      – Joe

    2. Oh man! I really sympathize. My kitchen was out of commission for at least 2 months once and I was going nuts.

      It will pass. I promise. But here’s what NOT to do. DON’T get yourself an ice cream maker to keep yourself busy in the meantime. My kitchen’s been finished for 5 or 6 years now and I’ve still got all that extra weight on. ::sigh::

      1. Ooooh, good advice, Rainey, and very prescient. Mrs. Pastry made ice cream just the other night! I’ll do my best to keep a lid on it.

        – Joe

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