Ode to a Trout

Can I jump in at this point from Florida to say that of all the God’s swimming creatures, trout are the fish I love the most? You can catch them in mountain streams, lakes, rivers and in the ocean. Everywhere you find them they’re delicious. We caught a couple speckled gulf trout just before lunch today and within the hour they were in the pan. I’m seriously thinking about never going home.

6 thoughts on “Ode to a Trout”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the Sunshine (& Trout) state!
    Remember those water-is-bluer sentiments the next time a hurricane hits….

  2. I would agree they are super delicious! Trout are my favorite! I have never had an ocean trout, only fresh trout from the rivers and lakes in Northern Arizona. Catch ’em! Clean ’em! Stuff ’em with butter, lemon and parsley! Wrap ’em in foil! Cook ’em on the fire! Savor ’em with each bite! I’m glad you are enjoying your trip!

    1. Thanks, Eva! Gulf trout are every bit as delicious and their one big advantage is that they have fewer bones (salt water fish are like that generally). A little butter, salt, pepper and lime was all I did. Wow were they good.


      – Joe

  3. My favorite memories as a child was going with the boy next door fishing for trout, frying them whole in a cast iron skillet with brown butter and a tablespoon of vinegar sprinkled into the pan drippings to baste them until done… finished with cracked black pepper. Yum.

    Stuff them with wild sorrel from the yard and fry in same manner above for a little lemony flavour.

    1. Ooooh, you make me want to head right back out with my fishing pole, Karen!

      I don’t know how long you’ve been reading the blog, but I wrote a post on a curious aspect of Vancouver history not long ago!


      Thanks for the comment — and the cooking tips!

      – Joe

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