Next Up: Umm…

From here on I’ve got no big project plans, just some by-the-numbers holiday baking to do. I may put up a new tea bread flavor or pie recipe here and there, but there’ll be no rhyme or reason to my posting up to Christmas. I’m around to answer questions if you have any of course, but posts will be sporadic though next Wednesday at which point I’ll go dark through the first of the year. Here’s to the holiday baking rush!

5 thoughts on “Next Up: Umm…”

  1. Speaking of the holiday baking rush, can I put in a plug for this cookie cutter?

    This thing is sooo cute and soooo easy to use and makes adorable little cottages about 1 1/2″ x 2″ x 2 1/4″. I just made little doghouse dog biscuits. Tonight I’ll make some cookie cottages for the grandson.

    They also make a cookie gift tag. Oh my!


    1. PS I picked mine up at Target if anyone wants one in time for Christmas but since it was the last one they had I’m ordering more online for friends. …gotta have this in the Grandma Kit.

      1. And I just figured out if you cut a bottom out of dough you could use it as a little box. It would hold a truffle or a Lego mini figure or something that size.

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