Next Up: Rugelach

There’s been a surge of interest in knishes lately and that’s reminded me about rugelach, which I used to roll in a bakery every day but haven’t made in ages. I think it’s well past time to do some, no?

18 thoughts on “Next Up: Rugelach”

  1. I am excited, can’t wait to see you do it. Think you can get them done before Chanukkah starts on the 16th?

    1. I plan on getting them done over the weekend, Matt. I’ll put’em up as soon as I can!


      – Joe

  2. Rugelach would be welcome on my Dessert tray on Christmas Eve. we should all pledge to make at least one new thing for the holiday. I might shoot for Zimtsterne.

    1. I like that spirit, Johan. And those little cinnamon stars…oh yeah. Great thinking.

      – Joe

  3. Very interested in this. (I do, of course, have a lot of opinions about rugelach!)

  4. Please oh please oh please!

    I’ve tried them in the past but was disappointed with my results and I can’t get into Manhattan for my fav ones nearly as often as I’d like.

  5. Woooo!! I love rugelach! We use a recipe by Bonnie Stern (I don’t know if you’ve heard of her in the States, she’s a Canadian chef idol, though I haven’t seen much from her in the last decade. . .), that has a cream cheese pastry as the base – sooo tasty! Can’t wait to see the recipe you use!!

    1. I’m sure mine will be something similar. I prefer a pie-like crust. Or anyway that’s what I’m used to.


      – Joe

  6. LOVE rugelach! For me it’s been classic cinnamon and nuts since I was a little girl and my mother gave me the leftover pie crust scraps to roll up but if you have some clever trick for managing fruit filling without the exposed sugar getting all burnt I’m all ears.

    My recipe uses cottage cheese. Can’t wait to see how you do yours.

    Love a good knish too. Do you think you’ll mange to work some knish knowledge in there somewhere? I found the KA pasta rollers greatly simplified the wrapping pastry for me.

    1. I like simpler rugelach as well. I don’t expect I’ll get fancy.


      – Joe

  7. Oops! I see I’m late to the knish rundown already and I’m going back and reading up right now. Thanks for that link!

      1. From time to time. A warm golden knish and some ground mustard is a bit if joy.

        I made note of your ingenious sausage method of enclosing them. I knead and roll using the pasta roller and then wrap the filling up in little “purses” of the pastry. But this causes one side (the bottoms) to be very heavy. I look forward to trying out your elegant method.

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