Next Up: Mud Cake

Here’s something that I confess I’d never heard of before reader Nokanen in Finland requested it back in March. A few other readers in the region of Northern Europe weighed in just afterward on the subject, so for a while I was thinking that this was some sort of exotic European device. I’ve since discovered mud cakes from all over the hemisphere, so it’ll be interesting trying to pick from among them. Likely I’ll do what I always do: select a handful of recipes I like and merge them together, changing the process to something Joe-like. But stand by, kids! I’ll have a formula up soon.

4 thoughts on “Next Up: Mud Cake”

  1. Hi! Funny thing, I’ve always thought mud cake is markedly an American thing, which is why I asked you to come forward with your best mud cake recipe and method. Live and learn. Still, eagerly waiting for your take on the subject! Cheers!

    1. I think it is indeed American, Nokanen. However it’s amazing how many recipes I found from Europe!

      Thanks for setting me on the trail!

      – Joe

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