Next Up: Fruit Mousse Cake

It’s hot and will be all week, so something light and fruit-based is called for. Since I haven’t done anything especially fancy for a while my thought is to try a fruit mousse cake of the type that’s been popular the last five years or so. As far as I know it hasn’t got a proper name, just a look, and you can see it here on the cover of the French Culinary Institute’s 2009 book. Looks kinda fun, no? It’ll take an obsessive hand to spread joconde batter that thinly and consistently, but I might be just the baker to do it. We’ll see. Since berry season is over I think I’ll make a peach mousse instead of that one, which looks to be raspberry.

11 thoughts on “Next Up: Fruit Mousse Cake”

  1. In culinary school, we had a whole class devoted to these kinds of cakes. They’re called entremets. They can get really fancy, with many layers of different components. Often the bottom would be a crunchy sable or feuilletine/chocolate mix, then layers of gelatin-stabilized anglaise (cremeux) or mousse, sponge cakes, dacquoise, and then glazes, all built in a ring or frame then unmolded.

    1. They are definitely part of that family, Mary! This particular one I’ve been seeing a lot lately. So far I can’t find anything specific about it. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth making, however. I shall enjoy it.

      Thanks for the great comment!

      – Joe

    1. Er…me neither, I think.

      Anyway I’m committed now. Forward march!

      – Joe

  2. Hi Joe,

    I believe in French it’s called a “bavarois” (i.e. Bavarian), presumably because its base is cream + gelatin, like Bavarian cream. Hope this helps!


    1. You know, that’s the closest anyone has come and I think that’s the most accurate. I shall add it to the name!

      Many thanks, Jen!

      – Joe

  3. Could this resurgence of popularity possibly stem from my fav food movie based on a book Julie & Julia that came out near that time? Julie drops her raspberry bavarian cream on a nyc sidewalk…

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