Next Up: English Pork Pies

I always like to decompress a fancy pastry with something simple and work-a-day. This excellent reader suggestion fills the bill. I miss these from my university days in Devon. I can hardly wait to taste one again. I better start letting some beer warm up.

20 thoughts on “Next Up: English Pork Pies”

  1. After reading the description of these as a child in Roald Dahl’s novels I was excited to try these when I studied in England. They did not disappoint. I look forward to your version.

    1. Good pork pies are one of life’s great pleasures. I’m hoping they live up to my memory of them!

      Wish me luck,

      – Joe

  2. I had one that was more terrine-like and had a hard boiled egg in the center, that was unique. I have, however, never had one from the UK so I will be interested to see how you make yours.

    1. I’ve seen those too, Frankly, with the egg in the middle. I don’t think I’ll do that particular style, but we’ll see!


      – Joe

  3. I had never heard of raised pork pies until 4 years ago when I moved to New Zealand and was asked to host a Victorian high tea, where I was told raised pork pie was expected. I did the research, tried one out, and had an unsuspecting visitor try it to let me know if it passed muster. She turned out to be a journalist and wrote about in the article she wrote about her visit (turned out to be pretty good!). Can’t wait to see what twists and tricks you’ll share with us!

    1. Fascinating, James. I shall try to live up to your expectations. Wish me luck!

      – Joe

    1. I’ve been called a lot worse, I can tell you that!

      I do love a good pasty. There are recipes up for those if you haven’t seen them. I’ll need to make some of those soon too, as i’s been too long!



  4. Please don’t put gelatine in them! My favourite here in the UK (Devon actually!) are “Melton Mowbray” style ones – no jelly.

    1. But-but-but…Melton Mowbray pies are the ones with the jelly. I’m all but certain of it, and those are the ones I intend to do. You need that jelly to put back the moisture you lose in the meat from such a long bake.

      However I know the jelly-less pies you’re talking about and I like those too. I remember them well. So many good pies in Britain, so little time!

      Cheers Alison!

      – Joe

    1. You’re not wrong or ignorant, but no they’re not the same thing. There are pork pasties for sure — and they’re excellent — but they’re a different shape and recipe than a classic pork pie. Pasties come mostly from the West Country (though they’re made in a lot of places in England now) and have that distinctive oblong shape.

      Does this help at all?

      – Joe

  5. I can’t wait to try these! I’ve never heard of it before but after looking around the internet it looks like my kind of food.

  6. YEA!!

    It so hard to find a good pork pie, and I’ve not been able to make a decent one. I’m tickled that you’re taking on this project!

  7. Joe, is there anywhere you haven’t lived?! I’m beginning to think you must be roughly 638 years old, to have fit so many experiences into one life 🙂

    Being vegetarian, I will pass on the pork pies, but I’m sure the technique will give me ideas for something else 🙂

    1. Ha! Yeah I’ve ambled about quite a bit, I will confess. My poor parents. My college years and 20’s were a serious strain. The the 30’s came along and cancer — and worse, baking. Lord, I can only hope my daughters are easier on me!

      Thanks for letting me share, Jen! 😉

      – Joe

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