Next Up: Caramelized White Chocolate Something-Or-Other

I haven’t decided what I’ll do with my caramelized white chocolate once I make it, but there are all sorts of applications for this unusual component: mousse, ganache, pastry cream, truffles, ice cream, cake. Caramelized white chocolate has been around several years but only seems to have gotten really hip in the last eighteen months or so. A few of you have been asking about it lately so it seems like a good time to make a little of it. Or a lot.

20 thoughts on “Next Up: Caramelized White Chocolate Something-Or-Other”

  1. Never occurred to me that white chocolate could be caramelized. Looking forward to this one (well, I look forward to all your posts but, you know).

  2. I am not a white chocolate fan, but caramelizing white chocolate sounds very intriguing. Similar to browning butter perhaps? Or more on the side of caramelizing the sugar part of the confection? I do hope you will dive in to how it all works.

    I guess I am kind of a snob because even if the white chocolate turns brown in the process, I still won’t consider it “real” chocolate! 😉


    1. You and Mrs. Pastry are kindred spirits, Eva. When I told her what I was up to this week she wrinkled her nose and said: “you’re kidding.” Pretty much says it all.

      – Joe

  3. I guess out here on the frozen tundra we miss the big changes. I have never heard of caramelized white chocolate. I suppose anything you can do to try to make something useful out of white chocolate is a start. Not sure it would be worth the effort but I’ll withhold judgment till I see what you do. 🙂

    1. I adore quality white chocolate eaten out of hand and there were sparks in my head when I read this post yesterday because I, also, had never heard of such a thing. I couldn’t even wait 24 hours for Joe Pastry to tell me more; I immediately consulted Google.

      1. I’ll make some today if I can, LML!

        Thanks for all your comments on this subject. Nice to have another white chocolate lover around!

        – Joe

  4. Are there any brands or varieties of white chocolate you find more appealing than others? I’ve always found white chocolate to be sickeningly sweet, artificial, bland, and not worthy of being called chocolate! Maybe it’s just me.

    1. I remember taking a truffle making class decades ago where we must have been tempering the French white chocolate in baking pans in the ovens and the edges toasted up & were really lovely.
      So quality/origins probably do matter.
      Generally avoid white chocolate but my dad, who used to put cream on his breakfast cereal, is open minded about white v. dark v. milk.
      Probably the creaminess is what encourages people to pair it w/cranberries or macadamias.

    2. Hey Gris!

      Honestly I don’t have a preference since I don’t use it very often myself. Ghiradelli was close at hand and they are usually bankable from a quality standpoint.


      – Joe

  5. It isn’t chocolate at all,Gris. It’s just dairy infused,sweetened and vanilla flavored cocoa butter. Even US regulation agencies state white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. It’s ok in cookies with macadamia nuts,but on its own it’s a monumental bore. 🙂

    1. You’re in good company on that opinion, John. Mr. Pastry heartily agrees! 😉

      – Joe

  6. I’ve never heard of caramelized white chocolate. I’m looking forward to seeing this since I really, really don’t like white chocolate (too darn sweet) and maybe caramelizing it would give it some character.

    1. I definitely does that, Ellen. A lot of people who don’t like white chocolate really like it in caramelized form!

      – Joe

    1. Something along those lines, Anonymous, though those seem to be trying to approximate dulce de leche, which is a different animal, so to speak. Still probably close enough for jazz!

      – J

  7. Hello!
    I’ve been checking out this blog for a while so I thought I’d make a comment and perhaps feel a bit less like a stalker in doing so.
    I am definitely a dark chocolate guy. I’m actually a pastry chef, chocolatier and I probably have other, more derogatory titles that am called behind my back. :-p
    When it comes to the white/dark chocolate debate I just look at white chocolate as its own thing….because it is. Just like other chocolate, the quality can vary greatly. I used to use a lot Callebaut for swiss truffles and I found it sweet but enjoyable. My current favorite (for white as well as dark) is from Askinoise Chocolate. Unfortunately I can’t order from Askinoise now because I live in Finland. I have to say I have never caramelized white chocolate but I was about to try it out a few years ago and decided not to, I really don’t remember why. Anyway, I enjoy the blog but I’ll be a little bit angry at you as you work with chocolate that you so easily aquire there in the States.

    1. Hello Jason and welcome to the comment fields, great to have you. No worries about unflattering titles, compared to “food blogger” you’re royalty. 😉

      I’ve never heard of Askinoise chocolate but now that I’m aware of it I’ll seek it out. Mrs. Pastry is always delighted to try something new in that department. And while you might be jealous of chocolates, I’m jealous of you with your easy access to cloud berries and reindeer steaks. It’s been 25 years since I visited Helsinki as a student but I still remember the meals I had there. Simple, austere and comforting. Enjoy your luxurious well-lit summer!

      And come back when you can.

      – Joe

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