Next Up: Black Forest Cake

I still have some sour cherries left from The Great Sour Cherry Windfall of 2014. Just enough for a cake filling by my reckoning. Let’s see…what famous cake that I haven’t made yet on the blog that calls for a filling of sour cherries? Don’t tell me now…don’t tell me…

9 thoughts on “Next Up: Black Forest Cake”

  1. Now if I had sour cherries (and I have!), I’d go for a Donauwelle (Danube wave cake).

    1. Nice idea, Ingrid!

      I’m committed to the Black Forest cake, but maybe the Danube Wave should be next. Thanks!

      – Jim

  2. Black Forest Cake has been one of my biggest cake ambitions since I started baking. After lots of failures, gave up on genoise and use a chiffon cake instead but obviously it’s not quite the right texture. Waiting eagerly for your take on this iconic pastry.

    P.S. Please suggest alternatives for those of us who live in places like Hong Kong who have no access to sour cherries, fresh or frozen. Thanks

    1. I’ll do my best, Bina!

      And stay safe out there. I’ve been watching the news with interest!

      – Joe

  3. I’m celebrating 60 in a few weeks and having a dessert party, and two things I know I want on the table are a Dobostorte and a Black Forest Cake. You’ve already “done the Dobos,” and I’ve been looking through a gazillion Black Forest recipes. So now comes the definitive one. Way cool. (Except there are no in these parts, so I’ll be subbing Trader Joe’s jarred sour cherries, which are great and I hope will work.) 🙂

    1. Woohoo! Happy pre-birthday! I’ll do my best to please, Chana. It might not be definitive but I’ll try to make it good!


      – Joe

  4. Aha…when we get around to his next birthday, my husband will thank you. He’s been after me to make this for *years*.

    1. I’ll try to get this nailed down before then, Jane. At the rate I’ve been going lately, I’ll be lucky to have it done by June! 😉

      I need to get my baking groove back after all this painting and laying about!


      – Joe

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