Mighty proud of those biscuits…

…is that clabber girl. Behind is the family, mama and next-eldest daughter plucking a goose, while the younger kids (and cat) play in the feather box. And while I’m not totally sure, I believe that black earthenware pot just behind the little boy’s head (the thing with the spoon handle sticking out) is supposed to be the clabber jar. This is an item that was once a fixture in American kitchens prior to about 1900, the vessel in which leftover milk and/or buttermilk was left to “clabber” until it was sour enough to bake with.

3 thoughts on “Mighty proud of those biscuits…”

  1. My grandfather used to enjoy a bowl of new bread and clabber for breakfast in the mornings, with a little sugar and butter added. Nowadays, we probably call it greek yogurt, and eat our toast and butter with it. Either way, it’s pretty good stuff.

  2. It’s the baking powder of my choice (they also package corn starch) just because of that evocative illustration.

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