May I add…

…that a couple of recent baking projects have become sleeper hits among my family, friends and neighbors. The first is the vanilla slice, which is now the particular obsession of little Joan Pastry. The second is bee sting cake, which has become such a neighborhood favorite that I can barely keep up with the requests. I shall continue to work on perfecting the vanilla slice, but those of you who have yet to try bee sting cake, I heartily recommend it. Your friends and family will thank you.

4 thoughts on “May I add…”

  1. Yes, the Bee Sting was spectacular, simple yet a crowd pleaser. I guess I’ll take little Joan’s recommendation and try the Vanilla Slice, but I need to price those bottomless pans and weigh the need…I already have too many in our small kitchen!

    1. I hear ya. Regular 8″ square pans work as well, though that first piece is always a problem. That’s for the baker, right? Quality control.


      – Joe

  2. I am currently holidaying in the Adelaide Hills in Australia, where many early settlers were German. Beesting is a standard in all the bakeries around here, and I’m slowly sampling them all. Haven’t yet tried the Australian version of the custard square though.

    1. Oooh, fascinating. I’d love to have your notes when you’re done with the tour!


      – joe

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