Later, Turkeys!

No I didn’t get my torte made, dernit. What a travesty, but I did flap my fingers quite a bit on chemical leavening, if that was any fun. I’ll set things to rights after Thanksgiving. Have a great one, all you Americans. Those of you in other locales, I apologize for the blogging lapse that’s about to ensue. See you Monday!

9 thoughts on “Later, Turkeys!”

  1. Have a wonderful, stuffed Thanksgiving! Thank you for all the info, always entertainingly presented.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Pastries. Enjoy the time away as you should.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Joe!

    P.S. I’m reaching out to you to see if you have covered topics such as Gingerbread cookie dough that is tasty enough to eat (not the ones that will hold up for house-making)? I promised my 3 yo this year we’ll make gingerbread, to eat, that is, not to build into houses. Any pointer would be much appreciated.

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