Kindly place the money in the bag.

The nuns at my Catholic grade school were always fond of saying that there’s no such thing as a circumstance in which good grammar isn’t appreciated. This new story is the perfect illustration of the point. Evidently there’s a bank robber in Colorado who grasps that just because you happen to be pointing a gun at someone and demanding all their money, it doesn’t mean you were brought up in a barn. There’s always a place for the little niceties like good punctuation and proper verb use. It may be armed robbery, but it can also be civilized, yes?

4 thoughts on “Kindly place the money in the bag.”

  1. One of my favorite movie scenes comes from “Take the Money and Run” in which the teller tries to decipher the hold up note. “I have a . . . gub? . . . what are you trying to say here?”

    1. Oh I’d completely forgotten about that. I love that movie. Cello player in the marching band…one of my all-time favorite gags!

      Thanks, Frankly!

      – Joe

  2. Eons ago, when I worked at a public defender office, we had a client charged with robbing a bank, but the prosecutor was having a hard time finding anyone to testify because the bank tellers said he was too nice. (Quite different from the one who forced everyone to the ground, resulting in the “Gator Dance” photo.)

    1. Ha! A sweet robber. I’m sure such a thing is out there.

      Thanks, Naomi!

      – Joe

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