Is there anything more pathetic than a man alone?

Mrs. Pastry and the girls are in Chicago visiting family for four days. This is the second night in a row I’ve had Cheez-It’s and beer for dinner. Men…are we sad characters in isolation or what? Ladies, all you need to do if you want to witness the thin line between civilization and barbarism is to leave your husband alone for the weekend. Oh, the state of the kitchen sink.

20 thoughts on “Is there anything more pathetic than a man alone?”

  1. I’ve always had trouble with the pizza boxes, the Chinese polystyrene fold out cartons, and the empty cans of bourbon and coke mixers.

    Although the Dog doesn’t seem to mind

    1. Amen and amen. Although being in Kentucky the bourbon is inexpensive and abundant in bottles. And you’re right about dogs being man’s best friend. In the cleanup department they are invaluable.

      The only good news here is that I’ve been able to watch my four favorite movies without interruption: Patton, Bridge On the River Kwai, North by Northwest and Network. Tomorrow I shall buy some lumber and rebuild the back steps. Nice to hear from you, Warren!

      – J

  2. I wish I could join you to ease your pain… but the only thing more pathetic than a man alone is two men alone. Good luck to you; I’m sure you’ll somehow survive.

    1. Well said! And honestly there’s only beer enough for one. Maybe try me next time, brah.

      – Joe

  3. I’m almost sorry to break up the fraternity you have going on in this post and comments, but I wanted you to know it made me laugh out loud. And ooh, “North by Northwest.” Excellent choice. “Network” is no slouch, either. My Dad’s a longtime “Patton” addict and maybe it’s for that reason that I’ve never seen it. But I should watch it someday. Ditto “Bridge …” because, well, I should. Even though I know how it ends.

    1. The bridge blows up and that takes nothing away from the suspense or intrigue nor the brilliant performances and direction. You can’t do much better than David Lean. Tonight I’ll probably watch Lawrence of Arabia, my other Lean favorite, though I also recommend Hobson’s Choice and Dr. Zhivago.

      If there’s time I may try also to work in Stalag 17, though that may be too much Williiam Holden, wonderful as he is. Talk about a funny, classy guy. But oh to be able to wear a suit like Cary Grant! Life it just isn’t fair.

      – Joe

  4. White cheese Cheese-Its and Grape Fanta for dinner here. Pizza boxes, coke bottles and take-out wrappers are decorating the kitchen, along with assorted dirty dishes. The dishwasher is broken and the dog can only help so much. This bachelorette is taking the week end off, Supernatural marathon here I come.

    1. Nice to see the Cheez-It impulse cuts both ways, Buff. Keep up your strength, you have a lot of seasons to cover. How long has that show been on??


      – Joe

      1. Supernatural has been on the air for going on 10 years, about 200 episodes. They started filming season 10 last month, seasons 1-8 are available on DVD and season 9 comes out in September. I need to turn off the DVD player and go bake some biscuits for dinner. Or maybe just grab the portable DVD player and continue listening while baking, yeah, that sound like a better idea.

  5. Years ago I took son 1 to a soccer tournament leaving 8 year old son 2 behind with hubby. Sunday evening we return home and I inquire about what they made for dinner in my absence. After much dissembling, the truth came out. They went to Fresh Market and bought the biggest, chocolatiest, most expensive cake the bakery department and they ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was not a crumb left. Barbarians.

    1. You learned something about men that day, didn’t you. Really, it’s better not to leave us unsupervised.

      Thanks, Lisa!

      – Joe

  6. I am in the midst of four glorious days alone at home with the two oldest Youngsters (5 and 3). In our immediate future I see homemade pasta, croissants, Thursday night football, pancakes, and probably even a nice fire out on the back deck with some marshmallows and hot chocolate.

    No Cheez-its for us (even if there were sold in Australia)!

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