Is chocolate the love drug?

Very interesting question, reader Brandi! Exactly what are you planning to do with this mud cake? You certainly do read a lot about chocolate and its love-inducing/mood altering/stimulating qualities in magazines, however the reality is that chocolate delivers little if anything in the way of real world effects. Like all foods chocolate contains a wide variety of chemical compounds, some of which if isolated and delivered in large amounts might qualify as “drugs.” However as any good toxicologist will tell you, poisoning is all about the dosage. So even though there are lots of very interesting chemicals in chocolate, none of them are present in quantities big enough to cause any real effects. This is not to say they aren’t worth investigating a little though. You’ve given me a good idea. Stand by…

4 thoughts on “Is chocolate the love drug?”

  1. Interesting series Joe, thanks. I think a lot of the love drug is because we want it to be. Real, good, chocolate is smooth, a little sweet a little bitter and it brings us pleasure – everything we get from real, good, love.

    I don’t particularly care what or why but these were a fun read.

  2. I don’t know about its chemical effects, but observationally a man who shows up prepared to distribute chocolate is pretty much guaranteed lots of female attention.

    1. That’s very well said, Jane, and an outstanding point. Chocolate always makes me popular in my (predominately female) house!


      – Joe

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