How much whipping is enough whipping?

So asks reader Melissa. She further writes:

At the cooking class I went to, we were taught to whip until u can upturn the aluminum bowl n the egg white doesn’t run.

I think that’s a pretty decent indicator for stiff peaks, Melissa. I generally do the old whip-lifting technique. What sorts of peaks does the whip leave when you take it straight out of the foam? Do the peaks stand up, flop over or just melt back in? That’s the most reliable for me. Tilting the bowl to one side would be a good indicator that you’ve whipped any miscellaneous white that might be left at the bottom of the bowl. The only risk there is that over-whipped whites leak water as the proteins in them start to clench and squeeze out water. You really need to know what you’re looking for. A grainy texture in the mass itself is the telltale sign that you’re giving it too much elbow grease! Thanks, Melissa!

6 thoughts on “How much whipping is enough whipping?”

  1. Thanks indeed! I was just about to ask that question myself. So is the grainy texture something you can feel with your fingers or does it just “look” grainy? Thanks Melissa for asking and thanks for answering Joe!


    1. Hey Eva,

      I think I might just do a little photo tutorial on this subject. That might be the best way to go about it. Thanks for the question,

      – Joe

  2. Hi Joe,
    grainy as in i can feel the grain or the look of grainy? I’ve never noticed such a texture.


    1. Hey Melody!

      I think I’m going to do a tutorial on this. I think that will be the most effect way to talk about it!


      – Joe

  3. On a lighter note I’ve often wondered what it looks like when the upturned bowl over one’s head method doesn’t work – but you don’t have to put that in the photo shoot ! I know I have a weird sense of humour 🙂

    1. Ha! Yeah I’m sorta noticing that about you, Heather. Gonna keep my eye on you…

      – Joe

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