How does baking soda kill odors?

That’s an excellent question, reader Ronny! Given all you now know about how leavening reactions work, the answer will probably strike you as obvious. As you know, sodium bicarbonate reacts when it combines with acid and water. Many odor-causing molecules are organic acids, so when they come into contact with the soda in a humid environment like a refrigerator they react, spelling the end of the offending molecule.

4 thoughts on “How does baking soda kill odors?”

  1. why am I getting serious deja vu from this topic, from your “JP: Give me organic chemistry for $1000!” joke right to this post? I swear I’ve read them before!

    I don’t suppose you can post the winning lotto numbers for June next year?


    1. I recycled one joke and I’m busted! 😉

      Just goes to show how long you;ve been reading me, CfDU! Don’t think I don’t appreciate it! 😉

      – Joe

        1. I’m a little worried about that to be honest, you bastard you. All the components have been ready and refrigerated/frozen for a week. I hope I can put the thing together today and be done with it!

          – Joe

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