I got all excited the other day when I heard that we might be having ten people over for dinner instead of six. I thought: well, why not make a really big bee sting cake out of a full recipe of brioche dough? Seemed a little risky but I decided to go for it out of curiosity. I was both alarmed and impressed when it emerged from the oven as a 16-inch-wide, 6-inch-tall behemoth.

But then the inevitable happened as it cooled…the gigantic dome fell in.

Which was really OK in the end. It was still thick enough in the middle to cut cross-wise. I split it, filled it with diplomat cream, served it with confidence and no one questioned it for a moment. Note to self: follow my own directions next time.

6 thoughts on “Hmmm…”

  1. … so you were very buzzy baking, honey… big and beautiful… great looking results!

  2. *looks for directions with which to mock Joe*

    *thinks that someone needs to keep up with the filing*

    1. And I made you a croquembouche!

      Watch what happens next time you ask a favor, dude.

      – J

        1. I need a shirt with that on it, I think. Or a set of business cards.

          We’re homeys you and me, R. Never fear. 😉

          – Joe

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