Hello E.R.

I was just getting down to posting when the call came in from school that little 7-year-old Joan Pastry had broken her finger by slamming it in a door. So…off to the emergency room. Fortunately there was no break, more like a crack. A splint and some aspirin and she’s mostly back to normal. More tomorrow when the Quick Response Team won’t be needed. At least far as I know.

18 thoughts on “Hello E.R.”

  1. Owie! Sorry to hear about the finger damage. I hope she is feeling better soon. I’m glad it wasn’t too serious. :-}


    1. Thanks Eva!

      She’s digging the splint, actually. The worst is over.

      – Joe

  2. Speaking as someone who recently had two bad falls (the first resulting in a minor concussion, the second in a badly broken ankle), I can commiserate!

    As I keep telling myself, “it could have been worse”

    So best of luck for a speedy and painless recovery for the Little Pastry 🙂

    1. Thanks Katherine!

      And it definitely could have been worse. We’re very grateful.


      – Joe

  3. Wishing Joan all the best Joe, she’ll be the star of the class for a week or so till the next kid has a better accident 🙂

    I’m wondering what you’re going to bake for her to make her feel better?

    1. Hehe…so true Warren. She’s doing well today and is having fun showing off the splint. If only she had the x-rays!

      I made some of her favorite biscuits as a consolation. 😉

      – Joe

  4. Hi Joe,

    Hope little Joan is feeling better. This would be a good time for doughnuts (or insert her favorite baked good).

    1. Hehe…so true, Bina!

      Biscuits hit the spot today. Made a world of difference.

      Many thanks for the well wishes,

      – Joe

  5. A daughter of yours Joe must indeed be very sweet. Lots of hugs and kisses for her will help. Glad to know she’ll be fine.

    1. Ha! No jumping to conclusions, Jim.

      She can be of course. I will pass on the well wishes, x’s and o’s.

      Many thanks,

      – Joe

  6. Hope she’s feeling better today. I’m glad it wasn’t the worst-case scenario of broken fingers. The other day, a friend of mine tried to show me the finger he smashed at work (who knew being a generator mechanic was that dangerous?) and I almost ran of the room because it was so gruesome looking.

    1. Ha! Yeah the site of smashed nails is pretty awful. One good thing about Joan Pastry’s unjust was the mashing happened a little further down the finger…so she won’t have to deal with all that stuff. She went over to a fabric splint this morning which says to me she’s feeling a lot better!

      Thank you for your interest in her! Your friend,

      – Joe

  7. Glad to see through the comments that she’s recovering quickly. No reply necessary, just passing my well wishes along to the Pastry family.

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