Frozen Out

Quite a little ice storm we had here in Louisville last night. This semi-southern town isn’t built for such things. Case-in-point our power is out and won’t be back on — quite possibly — for a couple of days. Which means the pastry clan is headed out, either to a hotel or the floor of a friend’s house, whichever we can get! Now if you’ll excuse me I need to turn off the water and drain our plumbing system so our pipes don’t freeze overnight. More when I can, adventurers!

UPDATE: A cold house is terrible for your plants. Also, note to self: sometime, hook up the gas fireplace fixture that’s been disconnected since we moved in.

21 thoughts on “Frozen Out”

  1. Yikes! So sorry to hear weird weather is impacting you!

    I expect we’ll get our turn this summer in SoCal. I’m desperately looking for someone who has tomatoes plants this early as we’re already well into Spring and I expect everything in my garden to be burned out by the end of May. Meanwhile, I read this morning that average temperatures this year in Alaska are 40? above normal. 40?!

    Be warm and I hope your house is able to withstand the assault. How clever of you to remember to drain the plumbing!

    1. I used to live in Minnesota…protecting a house from cold became second nature. 😉

      But thanks! And good luck with the tomato project!

      – Joe

  2. We had some good friends who move to Louisville more than 30 years ago. A couple of months after getting there they experienced a dig snow storm. They said the news reported that the city would depend on its normal snow removal plan, “wait until March!”

    Travel was outlawed unless you had chains. He sold his tire chains to a neighbor for $1500. The guy owned a liquor store and used them to make home deliveries. He said he got double his money back in a couple of days!

    Be careful out there & take care of yourself

  3. Global weirding continues – hope it ends soon and ya’ll can get back to a warm home with water coursing properly.

    1. Nice thinking, Roger!

      Several visitors to the house have remarked that I should have built in water pipes or something…a method for carrying all the heat into the house!

      Nice idea…wish I’d thought of it. Especially today.

      – Joe

  4. Good Luck with the weather. I hope you find some warm cozy place to stay. Get the Pastry girls some hot cocoa and pull out the cards! I see some monster “Go Fish” sessions in your future. Take Care and Be Well!

  5. I heartily echo the well-wishing that has come before me here. Though, living in California, I would welcome any kind of storm that was leaving any water behind.

    But, I do hope the Pastry clan will be comfortably resettled, warm and dry, and back to business as usual in short order.

    1. Doing well all things considered, OOTT. A friend in Carmel told me that a little rain has fallen. Anything where you are?

      – Joe

      1. We’ve had a few sprinkles here on the Humboldt coast that make the pavement damp and the leaves wet, but doesn’t saturate. We’re having one right now, actually. But that doesn’t help the snowpack in mountains that feed our rivers and reservoirs.

        Things aren’t as dire for me, as I’m served by a water district that overbuilt their infrastructure for a pulp mill industry that has since died. Our reservoirs look scary-low, but on a gallons per capita basis we’re in better shape than much of the state.

          1. Thanks, Tom. That was actually the pair I was looking for.

            And everyone who thinks it’s just CA that will have to deal with our drought should consider where their produce comes from. The answer for about half the country used to be our now dry Central Valley. Nut and rice crops will be hit too.

  6. geez. no commitment at all, have ya :p

    this is coming from a guy who’s in shorts and t-shirt and 110F forecast for tomorrow 😉

    Hurry back soon! Looking forward to the c’bouche!


    1. Yeah you Aussies have all the luck. More when the house warms back up!

      – Joe

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