4 thoughts on “Crickets for Breakfast?”

  1. these guys are spot on that “energy bars” you can buy today are no better, and often worse, than a candy bar.

    I have eaten fried crickets & they are OK as long as you take the legs off (which can get stuck between your teeth). And we may want to get used to eating more insects. As we denude the oceans, poison the land and try to support more than 7 billion people on a planet not designed for that sort of load the last thing available to us will be bugs so we’ll be dining on them soon enough.

    1. There’s a fun annual “bug fest” at Purdue University every year, and a part of it is devoted to insect cuisine. Mrs. Pastry loves insects of all kinds…to look at and, at least on occasion, to eat. It’s an experience I highly recommend!

      – Joe

  2. I dunno. I was a biology major and I do appreciate insects but eating them?
    I think I’ll have to be a lot hungrier than I am now.

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