Confectionery Coating Chocolate

This is not “couverture” chocolate (which means “coating” or “covering” in French), I’ll create a separate post on that subject. This is sort of couverture’s opposite, at least from a quality standpoint. Many people wouldn’t actually call this particular product “chocolate” since it has no cocoa butter in it. Rather it contains one or more so-called “cocoa butter equivalents” (CBE’s), fats like palm oil which perform similarly to cocoa butter but really aren’t the same. They don’t have cocoa butter’s silky and subtle mouthfeel, but on the other hand don’t have its rigidity (nor high price tag). CBE’s aside, these chocolates are almost identical to milk chocolate: high in sugar, low in chocolate liquor, and contain about 15% milk solids.

For the record I do not abhor this sort of chocolate, though I wouldn’t eat it just for fun. It’s pretty disappointing on that level. However I definitely would top a doughnut with it as it provides a decent flavor for the money and delivers great covering ability/elasticity. Which is to say that unlike a high quality couverture it won’t chip and fall off if it’s bumped or knocked. Quite useful for what it is, actually.

4 thoughts on “Confectionery Coating Chocolate”

  1. Now I understand why, though they look delicious, commercial chocolate coated doughnuts are disappointing.

    1. Hey Naomi!

      Fair point, though to me a cheap chocolate is a nice balance with a nutmeg-spiced item like a cake doughnut. When I was working on my doughnuts I tested just about every kind of chocolate imaginable. Even for my wife — the ultimate chocolate snob — the glaze overwhelmed the doughnut if I didn’t use something less obtrusive. Also the “snap” of real cocoa butter made it feel like you were eating a chocolate bar glued to the top of a doughnut. It didn’t work very well…at least in my universe. Yours may be different!


      – Joe

      1. Just mentioning nutmeg tells me it’s a real doughnut, deliciously balanced, and far above one of those chain ‘donuts.’

        1. They still have it…thought it’s probably ground and ancient. A cake doughnut isn’t a cake doughnut without mace or nutmeg!

          – Joe

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