Back, but…

…settling in again is about as time consuming as vacationing. I returned yesterday to 134 questions in my in-box, many of them true head scratchers requiring detailed replies. I’m about half way through…then there’s my regular mortgage- and tuition-paying job to catch up on. Such an inconvenience! I’ll do my best to get my puddings made in the next day or so. If I’m not back in earnest before the weekend try not to hold it against me!

5 thoughts on “Back, but…”

  1. Just glad to know you are back, safe and sound. Take the time you need; I’ll keep checking back to see if there is a new posting.

    1. Thanks, Eva!

      Had a great time. It’s always a little hard to get back in the swing of things after being gone for ten days or so, but it’ll happen soon!

      – Joe

  2. I sympathise…I’m off for two weeks starting tomorrow myself, and I know I’m going to be buried ten feet deep just in work fallout when I get back. The trip’s worth it, though.

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