America’s Baker-in-Chief to Resign

Pastry Chefs, fire up those resumés. Bill Yosses, White House Pastry Chef since 2007, is moving on, citing a desire to relocate to New York to teach children and adults about the relationship between food and health. Just how and where he’ll do that is something of a mystery as of right now, but I’m sure there’ll be no end of opportunities in the Big Apple for the America’s former First Baker.

There’s been a dustup in the media over the meaning of his statement that he doesn’t “want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs.” Some have taken that as a swipe at Michelle Obama’s fresh food initiatives. Me, I just see it as a sign of a healthy outlook on life. Best of luck, Mr. Yosses, a grateful nation thanks you.

4 thoughts on “America’s Baker-in-Chief to Resign”

  1. Frequently I’ve thought that it would be bliss to have my own personal pastry chef.

    1. I’ve asked that question a lot over the years: why don’t I have a staff?

      I have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer.

      – Joe

  2. What a loss for the White House and the first family. But good for him. I hope his relationship will last, though – 11 years of living in two different cities is VERY different from living in the same home.

    1. Yes, he’s in for an adjustment no question. And those New York apartments aren’t exactly spacious. Never thought of that, Brian. Excellent point!


      – Joe

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