…now that I think about it, some gelatin may be exactly the thing I need to give me the stand-up cube shape for my vanilla slices. Thanks, Belinda! Did you intend to be a genius when you wrote me this morning?

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  1. Hey Joe, have you ever made haupia? It’s usually made with just cornstarch, coconut milk and sugar, though apparently a type of arrowroot was used as the thickener originally. The first time I tried it I (and everyone I fed it to) was vastly surprised that there was no gelatine in it. I’ve made it a few times (in the form of sweet potato haupia pies – although I couldn’t find the traditional Okinawan purple sweet potatoes here so used orange) and it came out smooth, thick, creamy and cold. It kept a clean edge when sliced and wasn’t rubbery, although I expected it to be. I’m excited to see how close the texture of snot blocks is to haupia. Snot blocks… *chuckles*

    1. Hi Jeannine!

      I’ve never even heard of that! Fascinating. Where is haupia from?

      – Joe

      1. Hawaii. Just Google sweet potato haupia pie and check it out. Like I said, mine were made with orange sweet potatoes, so they don’t have the purple and white thing going, but they tasted great. Haupia can also be chilled in a sheet and cut into cubes to eat as a sort of pudding/candy/sweet.

  2. Go for it joe, those suckers need to be able to bounce off the table top to be truely authentic. Cheers Rick

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