You know macarons have peaked when…

…plush versions start popping up in expensive toy shops. Mrs. Pastry’s keen eyes spotted these in a shop in Naples, Florida last week. I was, frankly, stunned. Guess it’s time we moved on to the next baking fad, no?

10 thoughts on “You know macarons have peaked when…”

  1. Cupcakes too? When I was a child they rose in the center with a thin layer of icing; now, flat with a mound of glop on top.

    1. Amen and amen and AMEN!!!

      They’ve become an excuse to mainline fat and sugar. …often on spongey uninspired cake that, nevertheless, is bent on incorporating strange elements for the sake of their improbability.

    2. Yeah no kidding! Ten years ago when Mrs. Pastry and I got married we searched high and low in Chicago for cupcakes and couldn’t get any. Now you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a cup cake shop. I guess it’s the Sex in the City and the Magnolia Bakery in New York that brought them back in their current form. So you know who to blame! 😉

      – Joe

  2. I wonder if it puts a strain on the egg industry… Who knows? I’m afraid to think how many eggs the poor chickens will have to be laying per 24 hours. I’m glad I’m not one of them.
    By the way have you ever heard of egg-less macarons? Maybe with some kind of egg white replacement, if such a thing even exists…

    1. Hey Silviu!

      I think macarons are challenging enough as they are without trying to formulate an eggless one…but Anything is possible…there may be such a thing out there!

      – Joe

  3. I have never seen the attraction with macarons. If they were less sweet you could maybe taste the almonds at least. And I so totally agree with Naomi on the subject of cupcakes.
    Yet more examples of my pet peeve (being an aging grumpy person) of the triumph of appearance over substance.

  4. As a huge fan of macarons, I have to say I’m biased about whether or not they’ve peaked, but I totally agree with you. Plushies in a toy store are a bit much.

    1. It don’t mean to say they’re over, obviously. I’m extremely glad we in the States are finally aware of them. Taken a good long time!

      – Joe

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