Two days????

Yes, all you legions who’ve written in in shock, this black bread does indeed need to rest for a full two days before you slice and eat it. Why? It’s because a black pumpernickel like I’m making this week has no white flour in it, just rye flour, and rye creates a very different structure that’s not based on gluten so much as jelly-like pentosan gum. I’ll be talking all about it as the week progresses. But let’s just say for now that if you try to slice all-rye black bread right from the oven it crumbles. On the upside, this type of bread takes a very long time to stale, so the wait has no averse consequences from a texture standpoint. More on this soon.

One thought on “Two days????”

  1. Wow, Joe, I love your baking science! I have been baking gluten free bread for eight years now and crumbling always was a big problem of yeasted gluten free doughs. This year I started to bake sourdough and crumbling is gone. As I am from Central Europe, sourgough is sort of a cultural pattern so for us it tastes so much better than white yeasted bread! And it does not crumble at all! I can’t wait to know what exactly is happening to my starches in those long waiting hours between oven and cutting. Thanks a lot for your effort

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