These days…

…almost all the edible chestnuts you see for sale in the States are imported. We bring in some 4,000 metric tons of whole chestnuts per year from Europe, mostly around the holidays. Chestnut paste, a very common spread on the Continent, is virtually unknown here for reasons that a surely obvious. The same goes for chestnut flour. Perhaps one day, if the chestnut forests ever come back, we’ll make some of our own again.

2 thoughts on “These days…”

  1. Sorry, but I’m not sure what the “obvious” reason for chestnut paste’s unknown status in the US is. Is it just that there are no native chestnuts?

    1. My fault for not being clearer, James. That is indeed what I meant. Since almost all chestnuts are imported we just don’t have the range of products.

      Thanks for the question!

      – Joe

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