The Great Kentucky Bourbon Robbery

Speaking of cornering global markets, you haven’t mentioned the great bourbon heist in your state. What do you know about it?

So writes reader Linda. Linda, the reason I haven’t talked about it is because I’ve been mostly weeping quietly to myself. For those of you who haven’t heard about the theft, it happened in mid-October. Some $26,000 worth of bourbon whiskey was stolen from the Buffalo Trace distillery over near Frankfort. But then it wasn’t just any bourbon whiskey, it was Pappy Van Winkle 20-year-old, one of the most coveted bourbons in the Commonwealth. As a rule it isn’t easy to find Van Winkle products outside of Kentucky. I’d never heard of the stuff until I moved here, and was delighted to find that a nearby liquor store/sandwich shop had what you might call a “special relationship” with the master distiller there. They always had a few bottles kicking around in the back if you knew who to ask.

So I know it’s good stuff if that helps. It’s a favorite of bourbon lovers who like a harsher more “mountain” style of whiskey versus a smoother, sweeter more “citified” style. As far as the crime itself is concerned, being a well-known Pappy lover I’m mostly just trying to avoid suspicion. With luck the authorities will locate the villains responsible and be quick about it, since there’s no better way to make a Kentuckian mad than to steal his hooch. Woe unto those boys when they’re finally caught!

7 thoughts on “The Great Kentucky Bourbon Robbery”

  1. Pappy is almost impossible to acquire out here on the west coast. The few stores I know who get them in are sold out as soon as they are delivered.

    1. It’s gotten to be a hip brand among spirits lovers, and not without reason. As I mentioned, it all depends on the style you like. I’m no expert on whiskey, but to me 1792 tastes like a “citified” version of Pappy…a lot of the same flavors but without the edge. Those right there are my two favorite bourbons!

      Cheers. Literally.

      – Joe

  2. I have an uncle in the north Georgia mountains who has been imbibing the mountain people’s product for about thirty years. Would that help your thirst? He’s a mean man (even at 93), but I’ll hazard him if you have the need.

    1. Hey Naomi!

      I appreciate mean old men. The world needs at least a few of ’em around. But I fear that real mountain hooch might be too much for me. Its kept him going to 93 though, so maybe I do need some to keep me young. Think?

      Thanks for the offer!

      – Joe

      1. My grandfather drank that stuff too. He was another mean old man, and made it to 102. It may have something to do with genes instead. My uncle, when I was eight and asked for water, gave me a glass of clear fluid while grinning wickedly. I knew immediately it was not water but I also knew I had to take a swallow – that was all I’ve ever needed of moonshine – gawd! I did manage to state it wasn’t water and walk from the room before gagging and choking.

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