Tell Me About Eggs

Ever since the egg wash post, there’s been a surge in requests for a short section on eggs to complement the sections on fats, sugars and syrups in the Ingredient Basics section. Rest assured the potica project is proceeding, however since I’m not particularly flush with content for this particular pastry, I thought I’d put up a few posts on this essential component of the baking and pastry arts.

8 thoughts on “Tell Me About Eggs”

  1. I happened to see a new cooking show on PBS last Saturday (can’t remember the name of it) but they were talking about eggs and the in-depth research some person had done on them. The main point I remembered was that they discovered the yolk and white cook at different temperatures. I believe there was a segment about deconstructing the egg, but I zoned out on that part. They also did a slow poached egg that cooked for many hours, just in case any of these tidbits are of interest to you in your egg article.

  2. My dear friend Joe, can you see that you are writing the definitive comprehensive book on pastry before our very eyes?

    I already know who’re getting copies for Christmas as soon as you get your editing done and your publisher on line.

    1. Rainey, you’re the best. But there are already far better pastry books out there than I could ever write, by far more experienced pastry chefs! You are a sweetie and I am deeply flattered!

      – Joe

      1. Your articles are clear, easy to follow and informative. You explain the terms you use, which you keep as simple as possible. Even someone who knows nothing about baking can learn from your instructions. Your photographs are not arty, instead they are simple and clear, which is what people need. There aren’t many baking blogs or even recipe books about which you can say these things. And the icing on the cake is that you are open to new knowledge and suggestions.

        Keep up the good work!

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