Sweet Bean Paste Recipe

I’ve had several requests for a sweet bean paste filling for the baozi tutorial just below. I’m on vacation, but this very kind Japanese lady and her dog will be glad to demonstrate the technique in my absence. In case there’s any confusion, the poodle is the one with the deep, resonant voice. Thanks to Boomtrain for the tip!

15 thoughts on “Sweet Bean Paste Recipe”

  1. I have done it a thousand times when cooking beans but it occurs to me that I have no idea why. Why do we skim the foam off the cooking beans?

    1. Good question, Frankly! There are a lot of myths about that, that foam spoils flavor, causes flatulence, etc.. The real reason we skim the foam off any stew, stock or pot of beans is to give the finished product a cleaner appearance. Foam is made up of congealing proteins which will cloud and/or create flecks in liquids.

      – Joe

  2. Cooking with Dog! I can’t eat a lot of what she makes (vegetarian) but I still love watching!

    1. I confess to being a little disconcerted at first. The lack of a possessive in the title (“MY” dog) made me fear the worst. Like, “Cooking with Horseradish” it had a tone that worried me. What a relief!

      – Joe

      1. A confession:
        When my host in Hong Kong discovered I was serious about eating food like the locals and not like a tourist he treated me to some unbelievable experiences. Two that really stick with me are 5 snake soup (in addition to the delicious stew I had the “pleasure” of being honored with the gall bladder ground into a glass of clear liquor – NOT pleasant) and dog.

        The dog reminded me of pork in both texture and taste. My host explained that they were raised not as pets but as food like a pig or a chicken. There was some bitterness about the English outlawing dog while forcing the Chinese to produce opium and forbidding them from outlawing its use. He questioned the morality that could not see the injustice in that.

  3. What a coincidence! I just made red bean paste two nights ago (to accompany some home-made waffles), and I watched the exact same video as a guide.
    In fact, I happen to have watched all their videos, hence the box of tissues I keep near my computer to catch all the drool whenever I watch her cook (likewise when I read your posts and stare at the beautiful pictures).


  4. I wondered about that ‘dog’ too. That reminds me of a Chinese take-out place I noticed that lasted less than a year. I wondered if the name caused its failure. There was a prominent sign, “Chien – authentic food.” (Google that word for images – cute! but not tasty.)

  5. Cooking with Dog is my favorite show to watch on YouTube. I am so glad you linked this to your site!

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