Snacking in Zapatista Country

If you’re wondering where I disappeared to on Friday, it was into my own private world of worry. Mrs. Pastry was in Mexico for the week, WAY down south in Chiapas, in the picturesque mountain town of San Cristóbal de las Casas. It’s a lovely and quiet spot, if a little too close to the Lacandon Jungle and the EZLN for my comfort.

But that wasn’t what I was worried about. It was Mrs. Jo Pastry’s passport. Just days before she was set to leave, you see, the missus realized that her passport was due to expire the day of her return. If you’re wondering why that didn’t give her second thoughts, you don’t know my wife. By yesterday, between the breakdown of the Mexican customs department computer systems and the American traffic controller furloughs, I was all but having a heart attack.

Was there any anxiety in down Chiapas? Nope. Mrs. Pastry was shopping for sweets. Here’s a visual record of her adventures. You saw the doughnuts. Here are some pretty neat looking cookies.

Here’s a combo pastry and candy counter.

I have to admit — through my nervous irritation — that Mexican candies, when they’re fresh, are some of the world’s best. A few years ago I visited Morelia up in Michoacán on what you might call a scouting mission. I’m not normally a candy person, but that place is the candy capital of Mexico. After three days I was dizzy from sugared fruit. Had you cut me I’d have bled heavy syrup. Anyway, this candy counter looks every bit as good. I think these are candied poblano peppers dipped in chocolate.

Not sure what these are, I’ll have to ask.

…that is, when I’m speaking to Jo again. She rolled in about 11:00 last night, having arrived in the States with upwards of hours to spare. Grrr…

11 thoughts on “Snacking in Zapatista Country”

  1. Those are pretty pastries indeed. My local Wal-Mart is crammed full of Mexican pastries mostly produced by Grupo Bimbo. We don’t have Mexican candies though. I am intrigued by the candied poblanos dipped in chocolate.

    1. Try a Mexican grocer if you can find one nearby. The candies will be fresher. There are types of candied fruit that come out of Mexico that will amaze you.

      Cheers and thanks for the comment,

      – Joee

  2. You almost go into a sugar-induced coma just looking at all those pictures but it looks like a great place for snacking! Glad Mrs. Jo Pastry made it back. I’m sure you’ll forgive her one of these days.

  3. Very enticing, those photos are. I wonder what those cookies are filled with? Especially striking (to me) is how completely different the Mexican marketplace sweets are from the Middle Eastern market sweets. Of course they’re different areas of the globe, so each has a different ingredient base. (But everyone must have sweets!) One glance at the pastry table lets you know what part of the world you’re in. Very nice, these differences.

    1. Of everything that can be said about her, that’s one of the fundamentals. She’s basically fearless.

      – Joe

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