Pizza Yeast

This is a new, you might say “novelty”, yeast the was introduced to the American market in 2010. It’s a form of rapid-rise yeast which as the name implies is specifically intended for pizza makers, more specifically inexperienced pizza makers who want a quick dough that they can mix, shape and bake in 30 minutes. It’s an interesting idea…I don’t know how well it’s selling but it’s received a lot of positive reviews.

The main difference between pizza yeast and rapid rise is that it contains dough relaxers (mostly ascorbic acid, vitamin C) which allow you to mix and roll out the dough in the same step without any of the spring-back you get from conventionally-risen dough…at least here in America where our gluten is so elastic. There are also some enzymes in there, I presume to help kick-start the dough’s flavor since the rise time is so short.

Me I probably wouldn’t use it since I prefer a pizza with fewer toppings and a more flavorful crust. If you go the other way on toppings, this yeast may be just your thing!

12 thoughts on “Pizza Yeast”

  1. Pizza dough in 30 minutes? Wow… I never imagined that day would ever come (aside from the Chef Boyardee boxed pizza “kit”).

  2. What about that stuff that is actually baking powder encapsulated in a gelatin (or some such thing) coat? I’ve heard it mentioned by those moderist cuisine folks, but can’t remember the name of it. It’s supposed to get hot, melt the coating, and then cause some serious oven poof.

    1. You mean “Wrise”? I’ve heard of it but never seen it. It’s an interesting way to keep from losing any of your baking powder reaction, though why anyone would want to make pizza with it I have no idea. Instead of tasting like yeast the crust will taste like biscuits, but those modernist cuisine types have very different standards than normal humans.

      To each their own!

      – Joe

      1. A lot of that modernist stuff it nutso, but I can get behind their use of sous vide cooking. A 24-48 hour chuck roast cooked at 135 degrees will make you cry.

        1. I have one of those and you are so right. I give a big Hee Haw sa-LOOT to whomever invented that thing!

          – Joe

          1. I made mine with a large slow cooker and an aquarium heater thermostat. Sous vide for under $50 . . . if you don’t count the vacuum sealer I already had.

  3. When you mention the dough relaxers, are those things that make the dough not springy so you can stretch it out more? Do they interfere with the gluten or something?

    1. Hey Nck!

      They are and they do! In this case it’s the acid that prevents gluten molecules from bonding to one another.

      – Joe

  4. I guess for some people, that ‘rapid’ effect is valuable, but with my clan I never make less than half a dozen at a time… I don’t personally see much of a benefit.

  5. You don’t really need pizza yeast. Here’s a formula for an indestructible pizza dough that’s ready in 45-60 minutes. Purists may howl, if so, refer to this as a “topping delivery system” instead of “pizza dough.” Yields about a pound and a half… enough for 4 individual or two good-sized ones.

    8g yeast (active or instant, i.e. 1 package)
    1 1/2 cup water (360ml)
    500g All-Purpose flour (about 4 cups) + more for dusting.
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    2 tbs oil (olive better, but pretty much anything will do)

    Dump the works in a mixer or food processor. Mix or pulse.
    Knead into a smooth ball on a floured surface.
    Let rise in an oiled bowl, covered for 45-60 minutes until it pretty much doubles.
    Separate into desired portions, roll out, top and bake at 500F or as hot as you can.


    1. Outstanding, Paul! Indeed different circumstances call for different solutions. I shall use this as I know my girls will love it!

      – Joe

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